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The nonprofit sector in our community is rich and diverse. There are organizations both on and off campus that fill every niche, including health and human services, arts and humanities, human rights, environmental causes, agriculture, social justice, animal welfare, community building, public policy, and more.  Depending on your own values and interests, you may seek a volunteer position with a nonprofit organization that works from a faith-based, political, or specific philosophical perspective. You might consider volunteering with an organization that is working with, or on behalf of, a specific population such as senior citizens, children/youth, individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses, racial and ethnic minority populations, or the LGBT community.

As you begin to search for volunteer opportunities, you will discover many different and interesting options from which to choose. When deciding where to engage and serve, it will probably be helpful to reflect on your own interests, values, social concerns, or experiences can help you determine what type of agencies to target in your search for volunteer opportunities. In addition to completing a Volunteer Interest Profile and scheduling an appointment with the Community-Based Learning Program, take a moment to learn about events and resources listed below that can help connect with a volunteer opportunity that is a good fit for you!

  • UI Volunteer Fairs - Attending a Volunteer Fair is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives from a wide array of community-based organizations and learn about their volunteer, service learning, and nonprofit internship opportunities. Save the date for the Fall Semester 2012 Volunteer Fair on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 from 11 AM to 3 PM in the IMU Main Lounge.
  • HireaHawk is a free service exclusively available to UI students. In addition to finding job and internship listings, you can also locate volunteer opportunities and use it to log your involvement experiences on the Community Involvement Log. Find out how to register and use the many features of this remarkable resource at
  • Get to know your community!  Click here to access Community Voice - Notable Non-profit videosCommunity Voice is the pro-active unit at City Channel 4.  Producer Katie Roche and her team make it their priority to help you get to know Iowa City, from current events to notable people, places, businesses and organizations. Check out the “Notable Non-Profit” videos and learn more about local agencies and their missions.
  • No Car? No Problem! You can still volunteer all around Iowa City. Do you want to volunteer but lack transportation to get there? Are you unsure what bus route to take? Utilize the Iowa City Transit System's Tripmaker to get online help with planning your bus route.

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