Choosing The University of Iowa to help fulfill your hiring needs connects you with qualified graduates from across campus. Pomerantz Career Center works with students from the Colleges of Business, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the College of Engineering, as well as alumni.

Students benefit from a well-rounded liberal arts education, combined with the knowledge and quality education that comes from attending a Big Ten university. The University of Iowa is world renowned for its research and spectacular faculty who teach and study here.

This setting helps students take academics into the workplace. University of Iowa graduates are grounded academically, and employers tell us that they are grounded ethically. Graduates of The University of Iowa bring a good work ethic, values, and a strong academic background to each organization that hires them. The Pomerantz Career Center is proud to be able to help employers and students connect to form successful working arrangements—whether for internships or full-time positions.