Course Description
  • 4-semester academic credit program
  • Open to all undergraduate majors
  • Hundreds of students enroll each semester from 90 different majors
  • Need at least 15 credit hours to enroll
  • The Self-Aware Leader (421:106)
Contact Us at:
100 Pomerantz Center, Suite 310,
Iowa City, Iowa, 52242
Opportunities for Alumni
  • CLA What Employers and Graduate Schools Want Panels
    Remember when you were sitting in your Phase II classes wondering the answer to that question?  This is your chance to meet students and answer their questions about the career and graduate school world! Share your real world experiences to help the next generation of CLA students get ahead!

  • CLA Presentation Evaluator
    Help CLA students by offering feedback and real world advice regarding professional presentations.  Share how clients, colleagues, bosses, and graduate faculty are going to expect students to perform in the future!

  • Etiquette Dinner Networking Guest
    Come help CLA students learn how to network to get ahead.
  • Involvement Opportunities

    What is the Global
    Leadership Initiative?

    • Supplementary to a study abroad or
       international internship experience
    • Course focuses on developing
       knowledge, attitude and skills for
       global leadership competence
    Global Leadership Initiative (421:071)
    • 1 Credit Hour Online Workshop
    • Pass/Fail
    • Go at your own pace

    "The goals that I set for myself at the beginning of my trip allowed me to put a leadership focus on my time abroad. Instead of being solely concentrated on school, I was able to use my time on campus as an opportunity to grow as a leader as well."

    Angela W.

    The History of
    Marvin A. Pomerantz
    Marvin A. Pomerantz

    Marvin A. Pomerantz, (1930-2008) a self-made successful entrepreneur, left a legacy in across the state of Iowa. His dedication to education, the State, The University of Iowa and his family were commendable. Born in1930, He received his bachelor's degree in commerce from the University in 1952.

    "The University of Iowa would truly not be what it is today without Marvin Pomerantz's dedication to our public universities and his love for our institution. A self-made man, he was an example and inspiration to students, faculty, and staff alike."

    ~President Sally Mason

    CLA at A Glance

    • Students from all undergraduate
       majors can take the 4 courses in
       this program for academic credit
    • Students learn career and leadership
       skills you want!
    • Check out ISIS 421:106 for course    information.

    Contact us at:
    100 Pomerantz Center, Suite 310,
    Iowa City, Iowa 52242


    Sunday, March 9, 2014
    3-6 pm

    Sheraton Hotel Ballroom
    Downtown Iowa City

    CLA Students - RSVP
    for LeadersLive!

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    Who We Are What We Do What You Will Learn Why This is Important

    The Career Leadership Academy is a program that offers you an opportunity to develop your leadership and professional skills—the ones that employers want to see.


    You'll take four courses called "phases" that focus on building leadership skills while participating in events, activities, and seminars that will give you a professional edge.


    Employers want to hire people who have excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills—as well as the ability to work well with others.
    According to NACE Research: Job Outlook 2013


    These are the skills employers crave, and they will help you become a leader on your path to a dream career. You will develop a strong work ethic and improve success in the workplace.


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    Opportunities for CLA Students

    Be a CLA Ambassador

    Share your experience through campus events while networking and building leadership skills!

    Campus Leadership Today Career Leaders Tomorrow

    This is the student organization affiliated with CLA. The purpose of the group is to enhance the leadership skills acquired in CLA and to provide opportunities for growth through service, empowerment, and professional relationships.

    UI Certificate in Leadership Studies

    Take your leadership knowledge to the next level with a certificate.

    Roberto Paniagua
    CLA Graduate, 2011

    I'm an Account Associate working for Google in Chicago. I strongly believe that Google is one of the best places to work. Read More...

    Current Students

    Eric Flood, Sophomore, Management Major and Economics Minor

    Utilizing my experience, resources, and vast education to help provide a long term career in my near future at the University of Iowa. Read More...

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    Top 5 Reasons to Participate in the Global Leadership Initiative

    1. Explore leadership from a global perspective

    2. Understand a different culture

    3. Learn valuable skills for your future career

    4. Enhance your critical thinking skills

    5. Make a difference in the world

    Xicotepec Project
    Rockwell Collins Scholarship

    Rockwell Collins generously donates scholarship money to CLA students participating in the Xicotepec Project Service Learning Trip. Interested in participating next year?

    Scholarship Fund Application

    Check our Video From
    the 2014 Trip!

    More Videos
    From the 2014 Trip

    More Videos
    From the 2013 Trip

    More Videos
    From the 2012 Trip

    Leadership Award

    CLA Phase IV Students can nominate either themselves or another Phase IV classmate for the award. The recipient should be someone they feel best exemplifies qualities of leadership such as vision, integrity, tenacity, and philanthropy.

    Application/Nomination Form

    Current Award Winner

    Sarah Noser

    BBA Management and Organizations; Human Resources Management

    Dean’s List Tippie College of Business: 2011, 2013

    Marvin A. Pomerantz Leadership Award Winners

    Past Winners

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    What People are Saying
    About the CLA

    "I have to contribute my success with The Disney Company to my time with Career Leadership Academy and the Pomerantz Career Center. My Disney Leaders have told me that my leadership skills and awareness are very advanced for my age and little tenure with The Company. Career Leadership Academy gives students a huge advantage and sets them ahead of the game."

    ~Megan Heckerman, CLA Graduate, 2011, Walt Disney Company

    Read More Student Quotes

    I'm an Employer, How do I get Involved?

    "At Rockwell Collins, our core values consist of teamwork, innovation, integrity, customer focus and leadership. We expect our future and current employees to demonstrate these values. The Career Leadership Academy does a great job of preparing students for the real world."

    ~Sue Daughtery,
    Manager of People Development, Rockwell Collins

    Read More Employer Quotes

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  • What Employers and Graduate Schools Want Panels

    Meet students and answer their questions about the career and graduate school world!

  • Presentation Evaluations

    Observe student presentations about community needs and offer feedback that will help prepare them for giving presentations in the professional world.

  • Etiquette Dinner Guest

    Help students practice their networking and professionalism

  • Becoming a CLA Instructor

    Interested in teaching one of our courses? Contact Stacy Narcotta-Welp

  • Learn more about Involvement Opportunities for Employers

    Phase IV Etiquette Dinner

    Sunday, February 23, 2014

    5-7 pm

    Burge Marketplace

    CLA Makes a Difference  
    Phase II Teams Course

    Proudly Sponsored by State Farm Insurance

    Phase III students complete service learning projects that aid their community.

    See the Most Recent Projects Below:

    Crisis Center of Johnson County Food Drive

    Halloween at Briarwood Health Care Center

    Service Learning Project - Best Buddies

    Service Learning Project - Crisis Center Food Drive